Tronzano Lago Maggiore The Village of Tronzano Lago Maggiore (about 350 meters above sea level) is a real balcony over the lake, it is located on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore, lying on a hill overlooking the Verbano, below the slopes of Mount Borgna. Further north only Pino Lago Maggiore separates him from the border with Switzerland. The small village rises and grows in the hilly area of the country, where the first houses were built.
In addition to the original nucleus of Tronzano and Bassano, are part of the village area some small towns on the lake: Ronco Scigolino, Canovi, e Poggio, connected to the center of Tronzano trough a wonderful walk. The mountain area is occupied by the small mountains town of "Monti di Bassano". In Tronzano all the lanes were paved with stone slabs (piode) that covered the old roofs of the houses before being replaced after the fifties, with the tiles. On the low walls that surround the gardens are still visible "plates of mill" also called just “Mill”, type of engraving, for ancient outdoor games ; other evidence of the past are the stacks of barley, rounded or squared stone blocks that were used for husking barley. Many and very characteristic are the sundials and the remains of old mills along the streams "Valegion" and "Molinera.

Windsurf & Kitesurf Lago MaggioreWaterSport 
Thanks to the presence of winds Inverna (strong wind in the afternoon) and Tramontana (costant wind from north in the morning) in Tronzano can be practiced windsurfing and other water sports including sailing and kite surfing. Destination for many sports fans, but also of tourists attracted by the facility improved in the last few years with a nice lawn, a beach equipped with deckchairs and surely the Windsurfing and Kitesurfing School "La Darsena"”. Here you can take courses in windsurfing, kite surfing, equipment rentals including canoes for a trip to admire the many villas on the lake or, from the year 2011., you can also practice wakeboard or aqua tubing. The season usually starts in April and continues until October. "Sotto Beach" is a relaxing outdoor corner, a snack bar on the beach that meets the needs of all who need a small snack, while for those who want to sample the local specialties including fish of the lake there is the excellent restaurant "Mazzardit" with an enviable terrace lake view.
Those who prefer the mountain can follow one of the villamany trails that pass through the territory of Tronzano, to Monti di Bassano or Lake Delio. In this area there are many pastures where you can taste local cheeses.

The hydroelectric plant
Source of pride and wealth for the small town of Tronzano is the hydroelectric plant of Roncovalgrande on the shore of Lake Delio in north of Maccagno, one of the most impressive Italian hydroelectric plants. The plant was completely built inside a cave dug into an artificial mountain that rises in Maccagno and to finish in the territory of Tronzano.

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