Maccagno Lago Maggiore
Maccagno is a scenic town of about 2 000 inhabitants on the banks of Lake Maggiore, which forms a natural border between Switzerland and Italy. This majestic location is nestled under large Alpine mountains, and the beautiful waterways and breathtaking valleys were formed by giant glaciers during the time of the last ice age. 

The views from Maccagno are stunning and almost the entire Verbano area from the Gulf of Borromeo to the summits of the Canton Ticino are visible. 

Maccagno is divided into two different localities, being Maccagno Inferiore and Maccagno Superiore. These two villages are separated by the Giona River and each has their own individual cultural heritage, and until a few decades ago, had autonomous administrative centres. 

Maccagno Superiore is the more modern of the two small districts and houses the Town Hall. However, the two Maccagno halves are now connected by a futuristic bridge which is home to the Parisi Valle Civic Museum. The museum is named after its founder, Giuseppe Vittorio Parisi, and is known for its collection of modern art. . 

Giuseppe Parisi’s widow, Wanda Valle, donated his collection of 2085 art works to the museum when he passed away. This collection contained 40 of Parisi’s own sculptures and paintings and works by a numerous others artists such as Picasso. The donated art collection included over 900 graphic works, close on 450 two-dimensional artworks, and 325 three-dimensional artworks. Added to this collection was over 400 ancient artefacts and coins. 

The Torre Imperiale tower in the centre of this medieval town was built as a defence against invading foreign enemies. Arches and narrow stairways connect the different levels of streets in Maccagno which lead down to the mouth of the Giona River. This is where holiday makers will find a meandering lakeside promenade and the finest beaches that the entire Lake Maggiore region has to offer. 

The pure, crystal clear and unpolluted waters is a paradise for a varied selection of water sports from windsurfing to kite surfing, kayaking, skiing, lake swimming and boat hire. Tennis, golf, horse riding and paragliding are also catered for. Maccagno is a main hub for the official lake transport system known as the Navigazione. 

The finest Italian cuisine is available from a myriad of cafe's, trattoria's and other culinary establishments. Accommodation in the area varies from hotels to modern apartments and rustic villas that cater for most budgets.

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