A beautiful lakefront and an old town with picturesque streets, rich history and tradition, always theater of many events. For tourists, scenic restaurants where you can taste typical dishes, including fish from the lake, and numerous cafes and taverns that offer snacks for all tastes.
In addition, art, culture and events. These are a few attractions of Cannobio.

Cannobio from Sant Agata

Located on the northwestern shore of Lake Maggiore, at the mouth of the Valley Cannobina is the first country of the Piedmont province of Verbano Cusio Ossola you meet coming from Switzerland. Despite the small population (just over 5000), has a high extension, thanks to the large number of small villages are part of it: Campeglio, Carmine Inferiore, Carmine Superiore, Cinzago, Formine, Marchille, Piaggio Valmara, Pianoni, Ronco, San Bartolomeo Valmara, Sant'Agata, Socraggio, Socragno, Traffiume.

The village of Cannobio is separated from his main fraction, Traffiume, by the river Cannobino born in the valley of the same name, which flows into the lake.
In Traffiume you can watch an unmissable spectacle of nature: the Gorge of St. Anna, a beautiful waterfall carved into the rocks by the waters of the river, a small church from 1665 is dedicated to the Santa.
Socraggio and Pianoni, located in Val Cannobina is a former pasture with holiday homes, a place much loved by tourists and vacationers who prefer the mountains. Link to the Piccolo tibet.
 Promenade CannobioThe good location of Cannobio, point for crossing the border between Italia and Swisserland, has influenced the historical events but also has encouraged the development and growth of a thriving international tourism. The country's economy is based mainly on summer tourism from Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and France and movements of frontier workers. Always open to trades, Cannobio is connected to the rest of Lake Maggiore through effective and fast lines of hydrofoils and ferries that are often used for summer cruises to Switzerland (Locarno and Ascona) or down the lake (the Borromean Islands and Hermitage Santa Caterina del Sasso.)

Source of pride for Cannobio is the recognition in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2011 of the prestigious Blue Flag for its excellent service, water purification and precise plan for separate collection of waste.

The Village

Do not miss a turn in the old town of Cannobio, the architectural buildings are still plentiful and well preserved . Walking through the ancient cobbled streets you can visit the core of the fourteenth-century bell tower and Palazzo della Ragione, built in 1291 and now house of exhibitions.
It continues until the "House of Pironi" (of fifteenth century), an elegant medieval building in Via Umberto I, to continue with the facade of Palazzo Omacini on the lakefront. Guarding of the village, a Lion, an impressive monument which overlooks the lake at the southern entrance of city, erected in 1889 in memory of the defense of Cannobio by an Austrian attack from the lake in 1859. Sport in Cannobio. Kitesurf, windsurfIn this path there are many churches: the Sanctuary along the lake, which tells the story of the miracle of the SS. Pity, dated 1522, the Collegiate Church of St. Victor, of the middle eighteenth century and nicely hidden in the village, the church of Santa Marta with the altar entirely golden.

A pleasant excursions just outside Cannobio:
the road along the lake towards Cannero leads to a small fraction Carmine. From here in a few minutes walk you reach the medieval village of Carmine Superiore, a picturesque village which stands alone on a rock overlooking the lake. A must see is the church of San Gottardo with frescoes and the beautiful courtyard.

The "Parco Lido" is entirely dedicated to sports and evening entertainment, near by there is a big beach framed by poplars and equipped for all sports with tennis, soccer, 18-hole miniature golf, a football pitch with athletics track restaurant and bar.
The strategic location and the presence of a steady wind from north, "Inverna", which usually blows between the hours of 12 and 15, allowed Cannobio to become, during the years, Food Cannobio Salame, Lake Maggiore a landmark in the lake and a destination for all those who love and practice sailing sports, including windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing and catamaran.
When the wind drops, it's time for wakeboarding or waterskiing.
The Lido also offers courses and equipment rental services.

From the Parco Lido starts the bike path along the river Cannobino to the "dancer" bridge and a path at Orrido St. Anna, a beautiful 5 km walk, which offers one of the most characteristic panoramic view of the area. From Monte Giove (Mount Jupiter), overlooking over Cannobio, paragliders are launched on one of the most beautiful views of Lake Maggiore. For those who love trekking there is a wide range of routes between Italy and Switzerland.


Among the characteristic manifestations of Cannobio is to remember the festival Luminieri (7 and 8 January) to commemorate the miracle of mercy. Very popular with tourists and locals the big Market on Sunday which takes place on the lake promenade throughout the year. For lovers of good food, every Thursday morning, Cannobio is home of the market with stalls equipped with any gourmet delicacies typical of the area.
During the summer months, every Wednesday evening, markets enliven the streets of Old Town.

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