Alborella - Apartment on the beach (Pino sulla Sponda del Lago Maggiore)

Zenna lies just across the border to Italy. There is one of the most popular beaches on Lake Maggiore with excellent water quality. The torrent Molinera flows into Lake Maggiore and separates the shingle beach from the southern part, where there is a pizzeria with playground and lawn. In Pino, a quaint little village on a promontory there is a small grocery store, which is open in the morning.
From the Italian side, travel several times a day a bus to Maccagno and Luino and from the Swiss side travel a bus direction Bellinzona.
In Maccagno and Luino and in several places along the Swiss part of the lake, there are several boat landing.
Pino also holds the railway TILO - Bellinzona to Malpensa airport - several times a day at both stations: Ranzo (CH) and Pino-Tronzano.

2.5 km away direction Maccagno there is a windsurfing school, beach and restaurant and in 8.3 kilometers the climbing park Cinzanino.


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