Depandance in luxury villa for rent VRC1 (Verbania, Lake Maggiore )

The Villa Rusconi-Clerici is located on the western shore of Lake Maggiore in the town of Verbania. Exactly, it is in the hamlet of Pallanza, that with Intra, is the main residential center of town of Verbania.

From the Villa you can admire the lake Maggiore and the splendor of the Borromean Islands. The island of St. John lies down on the waters of Lake Maggiore just a few tens of meters from the garden of the villa.

The city of Verbania and its scenic beauty and historical, has embarked on the 70s a path aimed at the development of accommodation and hospitality. Today Verbania, with its gardens, parks, villas and lakeside promenades, as well as numerous events is one of the major tourist destinations in the Piedmont region.
A few miles from the center there is the charm of the Borromean islands, the charm of the Alps and the wild call of the Val Grande National Park.

The bike path that connects Pallanza and Intra, is directly accessible from the exit gate of Villa Rusconi-Clerici.


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